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About Alamo Airguns

Alamo Airguns started with a squirrel problem... Peach trees were being destroyed by pesky squirrels and something had to be done. After much disappointment in the performance of big box store break barrels, I took to the internet to do some research and stumbled into the world of "PCP Airguns".

After spending a little more than I wanted to on a pellet gun I quickly realized my investment was well worth it when I shot my first squirrel at 70 yards and dropped it on the spot. A clean, ethical and swift dispatching! What more could I ask for? As it turns out, this was just the tip of the iceberg and the beginning of the journey. Since then, many hogs and other pest animals have been silently taken with these air rifles and we are spreading the news!

Once my family business was sold, I invested some of my slice of the pie into what is now, ALAMO AIRGUNS of San Antonio. I am now running the business full time and operating as the number one and biggest airgun outfitter in Texas. We specialize in pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) airguns and equipment. Being in Texas we have an emphasis on hunting and varminting so we have everything you need to get out and start shooting anything from 100 yard precision, PRS/NRL22 competitions to pest birds in the yard, exotics/hogs on the ranch and of course your regulated game animals like White Tail Deer, Javelina, Turkey and other game.

We have calibers ranging from your classic .177 all the way up to .72 caliber big bore airguns capable of taking any game species in the country like bison, brown bear, elk, moose and everything in between. You can shoot pellets, slugs, bird shot and even arrows which is why Airguns are such versatile tools when it comes to hunting and pest control. They shoot a number of different projectiles, have variable/adjustable power, they are extremely tunable and modular and can be easily and legally suppressed for extremely quiet and affective dispatching of animals.