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Used & Consignment Inventory

USED & CONSIGNMENT Guns/Accessories

Contact store for more details.

MK1 Wildcat .25: $1000


LCS SK-19 .25 Package: $1900


SKOUT Epoch .30 Package: $2300



Custom AirForce Texan SS .457 Package: $1500


FX Tarantula .22: $800




Custom RAW HM 1000X .22 Package: $2150


Kral Puncher .25 Hand Pump Combo: $300


Custom Cricket Tactical II With 800mm Barrel .22: $1600

Walnut Stock MkI FX Wildcat .22 Resealed with HUMA Regulator: $750


AEA Select Fire (Semi/Single Shot) .22: $425



Payment must be coordinated over the phone and paid by one of the following methods: Zelle, Cash App or Bitcoin. For questions or more photos please reach out via the store phone number: 210-204-6555


*We, Alamo Airguns, are not responsible for any damaged or broken items as the used/consignment items are not our inventory. These are sold "as is". All sales are final.